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December 2006 - Redesigned website.  Added more juicy stuff.
July 2006 - Added More Ma Family strips
February 2006 - Golden Dreams comic book for sale at comixpress.com
November 2005 - Added Dog Quest and Disco Fever in Games Section
October 2005 - Added select Dremin' Jennie comic strips.  "Golden Dreams" book coming 2006.
August 2005 - Select Furious Dork! strips added and I digitally remastered a ton of images.
July 2005 - I am now featuring my entire comic work on Comic Sherpa.
June 2005 - Select ESR strips added.
April 2005 - Select Johnny "Dai" Goh strips added.
March 2005 - My first comic strip book, Five Star Banquet is now for sale at comixpress.com.
February 2005 - Finished "Five Star Banquet" book.  Added select Bryan and Anita strips.
January 2005 - Johnny "Dai" Goh updated continuously.
December 2004 - Due to lack of disk space and popularity, Animal Time has been now condensed to 24 select strips plus the endings.  Bryan and Anita updated, Johnny Goh updated.
November 2004- Created the Asian American Sequential Artist Resource Guide.  Added select Instant Kung Fu Girl strips.
October 2004-  Reconfigured layout of comic strips.  Fanfare theme added to index page.  More Ma Family select strips added.  Latest strip updates to Bryan and Anita, IKFG.  "Animal Time End" added.  Johnny "Dai" Goh strips added.  Animal Time archives condensed.  Comic Strip polls added.  New Store items.
September 2004- Added select Ma Family strips and others.  Added Games section.
August 2004- Added "Latest Strip" feature to Ma Family, IKFG, and Bryan and Anita.  Added more storyboards.  Music added to home.
July 2004- Animal Time updated every day. Archives created.  "Brian and Anita" strips added.  July 4th illustration added.
June 2004- Animal Time comic strips updated daily.  Instant Kung Fu Girl comic strips added.  Ma Family comic strips added.
May 2004- Major webpage revision.  I found my bandwith to be exceeding the limit so I bought Geocities Pro and now I got my own domain name.  Moved from www.geocities.com/gdog_91108 to www.jamesmarstudio.com.
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